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Poynting XPOL-1-5G 4x4 MIMO cross polarised antenna

Poynting XPOL-1-5G 4x4 MIMO cross polarised antenna

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The XPOL-1-5G Is Poynting's 'second generation' of the XPOL-1. The antenna has been completely redesigned from it's previous generation, with an all new enclosure and antenna design.

Key Highlights

  • New 3400 to 3800 MHz, 5G band Broadband, including the latest 3.5GHz bands
  • X-polarised 4x4 MIMO Antenna
  • Wall or pole mountable
  • Lightweight and Rugged
  • High pattern consistency across bands for 4G/5G carrier aggregation
  • Weather and vandal-proof enclosure
  • Cable type: HDF 195
  • Connector type: 4 x SMA (Male) - factory mounted
  • Medium gain Antenna of 3 dBi
  • 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO derivatives
  • Works on all cellular LTE networks across the world; Including new 3.5GHz 5G/CBRS band
  • DC grounded to prevent static build-up discharge from damaging router equipment
  • Applications:
    • Outdoor antenna for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
    • Urban and Rural household reception enhancement
    • Industrial and Commercial LTE/5G data distribution
    • Agricultural and Farming LTE/5G data distribution
    • Power, Energy and water telemetry access
    • Oil and Gas communication systems
    • Municipal and Government systems
    • Repeaters and coverage enhancement amplifiers
    • Wall, Pole and window Mounting

    What's in the box

    1 x Poynting A-XPOL-0001-V2-41 Antenna 1 x pipe clamp 4 x Window suckers 4 x Wall knock-in screws User guide

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